Top 9 Ways to Improve SEO Ranking

Top 9 Ways to Improve SEO Ranking

If your company has a website, you might rely on online traffic for your business. But if your site isn’t optimized, you may not be getting the traffic you want.

If you’re uncertain where to start when it comes to SEO, you’re not alone. Many people associate search engine optimization with keywords and not much else.

But good SEO is more than using the right keywords.

If you’re unhappy with your SEO ranking, we give you nine easy tips to follow to improve SEO for your business.

1. Increase the Page Loading Speed

Is your page loading speed sluggish? Slow loading speeds impact your Google website ranking. Not to mention, most users hit the back button if your pages take too long to load which affects your bounce rate.

The average load speeds vary by industry and location, but you should aim for a load speed of three seconds or less.

One way you can reduce the lag is to minimize your HTTP requests. You can check the number of requests your site makes and then remove or combine some of them.

2. Optimize Your Images

Another way to increase your loading speed and boost SEO is to optimize your images.

File format and image size matter because massive pictures slow your website down. If you have a large image or multiple pictures on your page, consider resizing them.

Did you know you can use keywords with your images for even better SEO? You can include keywords in your image file name, description, and caption.

3. Publish Unique and Relevant Content

If you’ve ever asked how to improve SEO, you’ve likely heard about the importance of unique and useful content.

People spend more time on your website reading this type of content and are more likely to return in the future.

The longer a user spends on your website, the greater their dwell time. You can encourage users to spend longer on your site by writing and posting longer articles.

There are different ways to encourage users to stay longer, including producing long-form content. These tend to be informational articles 2,000 words or longer. Long-form content also presents you with more opportunities to increase SEO with keywords.

Make sure you’re publishing on a regular basis so search engines like Google know your site is active.

4. Use Header Tags to Divide Content

Another factor that can affect your bounce rate and hurt your ranking is the infamous wall of text. When a user lands on your page, they expect information to be presented in a clear and concise manner.

Break up large blocks of text with header tags. Not only does this improve readability, but it’s another chance to see SEO improvement by adding keywords. In fact, search engines look for relevant keywords in the header tags.

5. Aim for Quality Outbound Links

If you want to back up your claims, use outbound links that connect to authority sites. This makes a reader more likely to believe your information and increases the relevancy of your website.

You can apply this tip to your old posts as well as your new content. If you have any old blog posts that aren’t SEO-friendly, go back and optimize them by adding outbound links.

How many links is too many? You want to avoid using an overabundance of links, which can appear distracting. Stick to a few quality links that enhance your point, not detract from it.

6. Find and Fix Broken Links

If you have any broken links, that impacts the user experience and also makes you look bad. Make sure your site is user-friendly by checking your links to make sure they all work and go where they’re supposed to.

Sometimes, authority links break which affects your SEO ranking even more. If you have dozens or hundreds of blog posts, it may not be possible to check every link. In this case, use a dead link checker to do the work for you.

You can also run a check on other websites in your industry. If you find any broken links, send them a message and suggest a link to your own content to fix it.

7. Diversify Your Multimedia

Text-only blog posts can get boring, so why not mix it up with other forms of media? Images are fine, but you can also deliver quality, shareable content with video.

Video marketing for your business is huge right now, and it allows you to deliver information in a fresh and personalized way. Information in a video format is easy to take in, and many users prefer video-based content.

Websites with different forms of multimedia tend to rank higher because the content is interactive and easy to share. You can also optimize your video for SEO like you can images and text.

8. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

According to a report by Wolfgang Digital, 53 percent of traffic comes from mobile devices. With over half of people using mobile devices, your website must be mobile friendly.

Google punishes websites that don’t have a mobile-optimized site with a lower ranking. If your site doesn’t look great on smaller screens, it impacts the user experience.

It’s easy to test your website for mobile performance even if you don’t have a smart device yourself. Most website builders let you adjust and make changes to your mobile layout.

9. Create a Contact Us Page

Making your contact information clear and easy to find is a sure way to increase consumer trust. If your customers have a question but can’t find a way to contact you, they’ll get frustrated.

Not only might you lose customers, but your SEO rank suffers as well. Sites that have clear and sufficient contact info tend to rank higher than sites that don’t.

Including a contact page is easy and gives customers a method of reaching out to you. Plus, contact information is a great way to increase your leads and enhance your customer service experience.

Use These Tips to Improve SEO and Increase Traffic

Keeping on top of SEO is challenging and difficult work, but it’s necessary to keep your site ranking well. The more you improve SEO on your site, the higher your ranking will be. This brings more traffic and more business to your company.

Does managing SEO seem like too much work for one person? You might want to read our article on the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency and consider it for yourself.