A Guide to SEO: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

A Guide to SEO What Is It and Why Is It Important

SEO is a term that every human has heard up until now. Do you know what it is? And do you know how much your business needs SEO?

In order to be successful with your SEO, you need to have a thorough understanding of what SEO is. You need to know the basics of how it’s done. And you need to know why you need SEO. 

75% of users never crawl past the first page of search results.

SEO is going to get your business onto the first page, eventually. Here’s why you need SEO.

What Exactly is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the way in which a website increases the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. 

You’ve typed a search term into a search engine before, correct?

Once you’ve done so, your search engine magically produces multiple pages of results that are somehow linked to the term you’ve put into the search box. 

This is where SEO comes in. The sites that appear on the first few pages have built their SEO strategy around organic growth. Google and other search engines send out crawlers to find information on the web, and after a complicated process of indexing codes and technical stuff, BOOM! The results are there for the world to see. 

SEO will improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility. 

How to SEO: The Basics

Your first steps to launching a successful SEO strategy may sound simple, but there’s a lot of thought and research that goes into it. 

  1. Your Target Audience
    Figure out who your ideal customer is. And then you need to figure out how they search. Think about what search terms and phrases they would be putting into a search engine. 

  2. Keywords
    From your target audience research, you will be able to build a list of relevant keywords. These are search terms that your customer will be using to find services or products that are similar to yours. 

  3. Keyword Implementation 
    This is where SEO comes in. Your chosen keywords now need to be optimized throughout your website. There are so many ways to do this, and many SEO steps to take. Your best bet is to follow an SEO checklist to ensure that you get this right.

    Having said this, it’s important to know that over-stuffing your website with keywords can also harm your traffic. There are systems in place to fault sites that don’t do SEO correctly, even Google has a penalty system. 

  4. A Content Plan
    Not only should your SEO campaign include renovating your current website, but you need to have a plan for regular, relevant content to be updated on your website. This is how you’ll increase your organic growth over time. Content includes articles, social media imagery, and video campaigns

  5. Performance Measurement
    There’s no point in creating and implementing SEO if you have no intention of measuring your success. SEO Analytics is the way that you’re going to know how your SEO is performing, what changes need to be made and how your SEO campaign needs to adapt over time to keep ensuring organic growth. 

Why You Need SEO

Is SEO important? 

Well, does a tree need soil to grow? In this day and age, a business cannot survive the digital world with SEO. It’s that simple. 

Here’s a list of reasons why you need SEO:

SEO Aids Organic Growth

SEO will get you noticed, organically. Yes, you’ll have the odd visitor who finds your sites by other means, but most of your organic growth is going to come from a search engine. SEO will make this happen. 

Good SEO Means Great User Experience

Focusing on your SEO means the layout and usability of your site are going to change, and this will be better for your user’s experience. Which means they will stay on your site longer, thereby increasing your statistics and your ranking over time. 

SEO Costs are Manageable 

Yes, SEO costs money if you want it done right. But the costs are manageable. Most SEO service providers will be able to work within a budget if you’re transparent from the beginning. 

But remember, spending on your SEO is a true business investment and not a simple marketing cost. 

SEO Will Build Your Brand

Branding is generally complex and costly. SEO will assist in elevating your branding campaign in the digital world. 

The process works something like this: 

People visit your site, they spend time on your website, they make an order, they come back again, they share your website details, they post a link, more people visit. And your traffic grows and your ranking increases. 

SEO is Measurable 

There’s absolutely no way for you to measure how many pairs of eyes saw your new billboard. But with SEO, analytics are available to you for everything. You can see where your clicks are coming from, which pages are being measures the most, which keyword is outperforming the rest, where most of your organic traffic is coming from. 

It can also be integrated with your email marketing software so you can see how successful that campaign is combined with your SEO, and how many eyes are viewing your brand day to day, month to month and long-term. 

SEO is Long Term

Before you think that you can just decide to launch an SEO campaign and see results straight away, you need to know that SEO is not a one-time thing. 

SEO is long term, it takes commitment, dedication, and hard work. And you need to be prepared to change and adapt as time goes on. 

SEO is Like a Relationship

Yes. You heard it. SEO is like a relationship. It’s long term, it’s difficult and you have to work at it continuously. 

Once you’ve made the SEO commitment, the foundations will always be the same but the SEO process and characteristics might evolve over time. Perhaps a shorter commitment to a digital marketing agency to get your SEO off the ground might seem less daunting. 

Why you need SEO? 

Because you owe it to your business to grow, generate leads and make more sales. It’s that simple.