6 Ways To Use Your Website As a Marketing Tool


Entrepreneurs are quick to social media or marketing agencies in order to boost their conversation rate forgetting that their website also has the potential to increase their web presence and attract the attention of new customers. So I’ve compiled some basic tips on how you can use your website as a marketing tool.

Using SEO to increase your ranking

If you haven’t started already, you should really do keyword research based on your goals. This is an important step towards creating an effective marketing strategy. You need to understand how you stand against your competitors and formulate a plan to stand out and be noticed by your target audience.

When people search for the products or services, you should be at the very top of the list in search engines. This is one very important way to boost your traffic and increase your profit. Long-tail keywords are the best types of keywords to use in order to gain traction in the online world.

Engage with your visitors

Next, you need to engage with the visitors that are coming to your webpage. Doing this will put out the message that you are a serious business that prioritizes the needs of their customers first. Engaging with visitors doesn’t mean hounding them with questions like “How can I help you today?” Instead, be vigilant when it comes to their shopping behavior and step in should you feel you need to offer your assistance or even to answer their questions, no matter how simple it may be.

Your site should be navigable

One thing that customers hate is a website that is not easy to use. In terms of e-commerce enterprise, there is a lot put behind their websites, especially for businesses that exist solely online. It is therefore very important that the user experience on the site is efficient, intuitive, and clear. Make sure the site is also mobile-optimize as most people do their online shopping using devices other than their computers. Making a site navigable means removing clutter from the site and creating clearly labeled buttons.

Keep up to date with your content

Content is everything when it comes to digital marketing. It is what drives new customers to your site and it is what keeps people coming back. You want to create content that is relevant and continue to update it regularly. Posting new content every few weeks is all well and good but posting a couple of times a week or even daily is most ideal. It will keep your brand top of mind for your customers. Fresh content posted regularly helps to create brand loyalty among your customers.

Offer value

While it is understandable that businesses should focus on profits, they should also consider the law of reciprocity. Offering customers a good value for their money can compel them to return the favor. Sometimes, you have to spend money in order to make money. By offering discounts and freebies, especially to your returning customers, can help endear them to the brand and keep them as regular customers.

Offer information

Speaking of value, keep in mind that merely offering free stuff isn’t going to cut it; you have to be offering something of value to your customers. Consider giving away white paper, consultation sessions, ebooks, or case studies. The information has value and is often disregarded by many brands. You can personalize your offer by giving customers what they need based on their purchase history or shopping behavior.

The main takeaway here is to ensure that your site is accessible and has what people need. You need to make sure that what you have to offer is kept top of mind for your customers.

Author Bio:

Leanne Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who loves to write about digital marketing and IT issues and solutions. She is currently working with Sequentialnetworks, one of the leading sd wan providers uk, which offers London leased line and UK dedicated servers to companies based in London and Manchester.


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