The Digital Transformation Conference 2019

The Digital Transformation Conference 2019

The Digital Tranformation Conference 2019 takes place in Manchester UK on the 12th of September.

Digital Transformation is reinventing organisations through the use of digital technology. The pace of change over the last five years has been hugely significant with businesses accelerating their digital capabilities at an astonishing rate.

With this rapid transformation comes the need to properly harness digital technologies and put them into effective use. The Digital Transformation Conference brings together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organisations to offer insights, education and case studies on what can be a confusing environment.

Digital Transformation Conference Manchester will be tackling the challenges of successful transformation head on and will feature a broad range of topics and discussion areas. Our Manchester 2019 agenda will feature talks on:

  • The 2019 Conference will open with our esteemed keynote presentations & keynote panel session. Some very big names share insights into some of the biggest transformation projects in the country.
  • People first. Technology comes second, a sentiment often echoed at enterprise tech events. We explore the importance of people & culture in business transformation.
  • Technology is changing the way the way we work. With the evolution of digital technologies the importance of employee engagement is higher than it’s ever been.  Make your digital workplace a success.
  • CX is a top priority. Emerging tech, changes in consumer needs and effective use of data are now business critical. Ensure your customer strategy is as competitive as possible.
  • Overall business strategies and models have changed due to the advent of digital technologies. In this session we will look at how businesses can remain competitive and how overall business strategy shapes digital transformation capabilities and what is needed in place to successfully transform as a business
  • How consumers interact with your business has changed. With that, traditional product development is out the window. A world class digital experience is expected, find out how leading Heads of Products go about this.
  • Digital technology delivery … and execution requires a new type of project management. Two thirds of digital products fail, we explore the pitfalls and successes to be had in delivery.
  • Rub shoulders with some of the brightest digital business leaders across Europe. Historically the event has attracted delegates from across Europe and even stretching to the EMEA and APAC regions. 

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