Why use Instapage for building Landing Pages

Why use InstaPage for building Landing Pages

Creating eye-catching and high-converting landing pages is not only a daunting task but can also be expensive. This is especially if you do not have the right technical skills to do so. More often than not, business people and marketers are forced to hire a web developer whose services can turn out to be quite a costly affair. What if I told you that there is a way you can create effective landing pages and websites for your business without needing to know a line of code. You can achieve this by using the InstaPage landing page builder. This article presents to you an honest InstaPage Review in order to help you to determine whether it is the right software for your digital marketing agency.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a powerful landing page builder that helps businesses to quickly create professional sales pages and websites for their business. No coding or design skills are required to create these pages. This is because it features a drag and drop page builder that comes with templates, mobile-responsive design, conversion rate analytics, and other bells and whistles that help to effectively market your business. The digital agencies together with their marketing teams can effectively use this tool to maximize their marketing ROI by increasing the conversion rates.

Landing Page Explained

A website is typically made of pages, through which visitors view your content. A landing page is a special page focused on presenting content in a manner that will capture customer information, or motivate them to take an action including making a purchase, calling the business, making subscriptions or any other desired action. As such, it acts as a sales funnel that is designed with conversions in mind. A landing page is an essential tool every marketer needs on their arsenal. It has been established to double businesses conversion rates. Research indicates that the majority of clicks for B2B companies go to the homepage instead of a specified landing page, which means that businesses are losing on their lead capture potential.

Before we dive deep into the of the review, let me first highlight some of the things I like and the ones I don’t like about the platform.

What’s Great About Instapage?

  • Excellent customization tool: Building a website and landing pages has never been easier thanks to its drag and drop functionality. You just need to play around with the prebuilt elements to come up with beautiful and functional custom pages.
  • There is a huge number of templates available which come in handy if you do not have any coding experience. You can create great landing pages in a matter of minutes which will save you time and money.
  • The availability of the A/B tests: This helps to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages to enable you to optimize the pages for conversions.
  • Extensive integrations with other marketing tools such as CRM and email marketing to extend its functionality.

What’s not Great About Instapage?

  • Integrations present challenges when you copy landing pages. This means that you have to do the tedious work of setting up the integrations afresh in the new page location for it to function accordingly.
  • I had mentioned that A/B testing is a great feature that comes with InstaPage. Unfortunately, it is only available on pro or premium plans which means you have to pay more to enjoy this service.
  • When compared to other landing page builders it is quite expensive.
  • Finally, it has a lot of integrations which raise the cost of the tool but hardly does anyone need all of them.

How Does InstaPage Work?

Getting started with Instapage is quite straightforward. Given that it is an online SAAS tool, all you need to do is to sign up for an account; usually a 30-day free trial without any credit card. Once you have created your account, you can now get busy building your website and landing pages. The core function of the platform is to help Digital Agencies to build effective landing pages. With InstaPage, businesses have two ways of going about building their landing pages. They can use one of the numerous pre-built intuitive and no clutter templates available in the platform or they can customize the website from scratch, depending on time and what you want to achieve.

The beauty of this page builder and its templates is that it strikes a balance between power and simplicity. The platform comes with over 100 landing page templates suited to create various types of landing pages including webinars, lead generation, mobile apps, click-throughs, and thank-you pages. The platform allows you to access more premium templates on Themeforest to enable you to customize your pages even further.

Once you have chosen the desired template, the next step involves using the built-in drag-and-drop page builder to design your pages. The power of the page builder rests on the editable prebuilt elements on the menu bar situated on the top side of the screen. Moreover, these elements are built to be mobile responsive which is a great addition SEO signal for your website. Once you are done building a page or just made some changes on a page, you can preview these changes on a mobile or desktop device before hitting publish.

There are several publishing options with InstaPage:

  • Publish it on your WordPress site using a WordPress plugin
  • You can as well publish on your Drupal website because is also fully integrated.
  • If you have the technical know-how, you can also publish directly to your website servers.
  • You can as well publish your page on Facebook

The only catch is that in most of these options, the URL might have an Instapage subdomain.

Features of The Instapage Platform

What makes Instapage stand out is that it comes with extensive and powerful features to build effective landing pages. This review section will cover some of the Instapage’s features to help you determine if it is worth investing in. This is especially when compared against its price tag towards the end of this Instapage review. Here are some of these features:

Drag and drop functionality

This is the core reason why people use InstaPage. While there are many other services offering this functionality, what makes Instapage stand out in this aspect is the fact that it is not only comprehensive but also is also simple to implement and customize. This means that you can place text, videos, images, and other elements wherever you want to. Unlike other page builders, you are not limited to grinds. Moreover, the page builder is quite easy to use, which means that it has a gentle learning curve, unlike its competitors that require, users, to spend countless hours each day going through the training material. You can start creating mobile-friendly landing pages in a matter of hours after signing up for the first time.


This is another aspect people love about Instapage. Just as earlier mentioned, you will have access to over 100 conversion-ready and customizable templates. You get templates that suit your intended needs including lead generation, webinars, ebooks, apps, events, click through CTAs, among others. You can use these templates just as they are. You can also opt to customize them using the drag and drop functionality.

Moreover, if you need some more variety, you can access a myriad of other templates from ThemeForest including premium themes that will help you achieve the desired customizations. These themes meet the current SEO requirements to ensure that your landing pages are technically optimized for higher ranking. Such optimization features include responsiveness so that the pages can display effectively even on the smaller screens, and also high page loading speeds.

Extensive customization features

Another great reason why users love Instapage is that it comes with a myriad customization options. These include:

  • Unlimited options on the number and type of landing pages you can create.
  • Has a library of 5,000 fonts to can help you to communicate to your prospects effectively.
  • Users can purchase royalty-free stock photos directly from Instapage.
  • Has built-in team management features when working with a team to build the website or to achieve specific customizations.
  • Has real-time collaboration features that also promote team management capacity where developers can leave comments on the pages during the development process.

Access to Google AMP

I had earlier mentioned that this landing page builder creates technically optimized pages in order to help agencies rank higher. One way Instapage achieves this by using the Google AMP that helps the pages to load faster on mobile devices. The only challenge with AMP-powered pages is that they not graphically rich, and thus look boring. Instapage resolves this by providing a template that is powered by AMP but also has some quality yet minimalist graphics. There are also a few more challenges that come up when using AMP in this site. For instance, some features such as the counter do not work when AMP is enabled. Moreover, you have to pay more to access this feature because it is only available on the more advanced enterprise plan.

InstaPage Webinars

Instapage also features webinars which mainly focus on lead generation strategies and tips. The platform’s employees from different levels of the organization are the ones who take on these webinars bringing to thetable a wealth of practical information to help you succeed. You really get the feeling that the company is invested to help you succeed. In case you can’t attend these webinars, you can easily access them to catch up on what you missed. Moreover, its users also have access to a wide range of marketing guides, podcast, ebooks, and blogs to not only help them exploit the platform optimally but also to help them to grow their businesses.


These extend your page’s functionality. A countdown timer is an example of a very functional widget in the platform. It effectively helps create urgency which is a great marketing strategy. For instance, it offers a great way to encourage your visitors to acts on an offer immediately. They are particularly useful when you have a product launch or a live event going on or when want to drive webinar signups. Other examples of widgets include adding CTA buttons, countdown timers, video, Text, Ads, or even custom code.

PPC compatibility

Instapage is actually a marketers dream platform because it was designed with Adwords and PPC marketing in mind. This means that the landing pages can be easily added to various ad categories depending on the channels, features, products, and demographics you are targeting. Moreover, you can use Dynamic text replacement to automatically match your landing page copy based on the keywords your visitors are using.


This is a unique feature that allows marketers to develop landing pages for mass deployment. The beauty of this service is that it not only makes works easier and saves time through replication of design but also enables you to maintain consistency in terms of aesthetics across different brands. This is achieved by re-use of components once they are created.

User and Client Management

This is another great feature that enables businesses to onboard their team on the platform. It is only available on the pro account. You can add users to your website and also allocate the permission status in regards to what they can do.

There are generally three types of users:

  • Admins have full access to manage the account, which includes the ability to edit the landing pages and to add users and domains.
  • Members, who can access, view and edit specific pages.
  • Finally, there are visitors who only have read-only access to just view the content but cannot edit it.

This way, the entire team (copywriters, designers, conversion specialists, among others) can effectively collaborate in the website and the landing page creation process. Moreover, the user and client management aspect further ensures the security and the integrity of your system and/or content from unauthorized access.

Campaigns Optimization Features

Instapage comes with relevant tools that help businesses to optimize their landing pages and websites for higher conversions. Some of these tools include:

Unlimited A/B Split Testing

This functionality makes Instapage standout from the rest. It gives you a testing mechanism to assess your landing pages to establish which page elements trigger the most conversions. Based on this data, you can optimize the landing page elements to facilitate higher conversions. This makes split testing a critical part of any successful landing page marketing campaign.

Split testing entails tracking how visitors interact with the landing pages’ elements. It also includes testing how visitors respond to various page elements, designs, and layouts. The goal is to focus the marketing agenda on the aspects of the page that the visitors respond positively to hence increasing the conversion rates.


These are used alongside A/B tests, to give agencies a clearer picture of how visitors interact with your landing page and website. The heatmap results can be easily accessed right off the heatmap menu on the Instapage dashboard.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

The GTM integrates Google Analytics and AdWords into the Instapage Platform. This facilitates an easy lead generation attribution process and also enables businesses to access cost per visitor and cost per lead (CPL) metrics in real-time.

Real-Time Reports

Instapage is an all-in-one marketing tool thanks to its ability to support extensive integrations. These include Analytics, Landing pages, AdWords Campaigns, CRM, among others. It capitalizes on the wealth of the data obtained from this marketing mix to offer real-time insights and reports across all your devices. Agencies and marketing teams can send these detailed yet easy-to-understand reports to their clients and directors espectively.

Publishing and Integrations Features

Instapage is uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate with a lot of thirds party marketing automation programs and CRMs to effectively extends its functionality and usefulness. The number of these integrations grows each day. Some of these include email autoresponders such as AWeber, Mailchimp, CRM systems such as Zoho CRM and numerous other email marketing and optimization tools.

It also gives the users the ability to publish their landing page on unlimited domains and to manage all these domains on a single dashboard. This gives them an unlimited capacity to expand their market reach. In contract mot of Instapage competitors charge an extra fee for access to unlimited domains or rather restrict the number of domains one can access.

There is also no limitation to shipping of landing pages. You can publish them on Drupal, WordPress, Facebook pages and on Custom Domains. Another great integration is the Google Google AdWords enabling agencies to launch marketing campaigns right off their Instapage dashboard and to track them to establish their ROI.

Support and Security Features

You will be happy to know that, Instapage offers 24/7 Customer Support. Thus, you can talk to a customer representative via the phone anytime you want. Their support is not the best in the market though. However, they manage fairly well especially with the addition of a knowledge base to help users learn how to make the most of the platform.

The platform also includes chat & email support to help users resolve an issue that needs human support when they can’t call. It is also easy to register and login to your Instapage website. You or your team members don’t have to deal with a signup process that involves long forms. The OneLogin or Okta, tool makes the signup process much easier. Moreover, you can sign in via your email address any of your social media accounts. All the landing pages also use SSL encryption to ensure information privacy and integrity of data on the platform.

Page loading speed

Instapage web pages have fast loading speeds. Both the users and the search engines currently demand this. By providing speed, Instapage enables agencies to give their clients a great user experience and at the same time helps them rank higher in the search engines since speed is currently an important ranking signal.

Enterprise Features

One of the most impressive enterprise features that come with the Instapage package is the AMP supported landing pages. The Google AMP it a relatively new technology released by Google to increase the page loading speed. Instapage was quick to integrate this technology into its system due to its numerous benefits.

The platform further offers customized plans to those who need a functionality that is not currently available in its packages. This feature helps solve ?out of the box’ technical challenges businesses are facing. As such, the Instapage team can help add custom functionality or feature to your website or landing page. From adding custom pages to a template to helping increase traffic to your pages or even getting access to more sub accounts, nothing is out of reach. The only catch is that you need to be an enterprise subscriber to enjoy this service which means you need to pay more.

Instapage Review – The Wrap-up vs Clickfunnels

Instapage is one of the best landing page builders in the market, that will help you to roll out organized and conversion optimized landing pages for PPC campaigns. Thanks to its automation features, including a huge selection of templates and a powerful page builder, it will help you save time and money when developing landing pages. The ability to easily onboard your team members on the platform to work collaboratively yet ensuring information integrity and security is also a great win.

Instapage also comes with built-in A/B testing tools that help measure performance and/or conversions by giving you detailed metrics, thus allowing you to effectively optimize your sales funnel. Another great win is that integrates with a wide range of CRM tools and marketing tool providers to extend its functionality.

On the other hand, Instapage is a landing page builder first. Thus, to be able to build the sales funnels with it, you need extensive integrations which tend to be expensive, overwhelming and can slow down productivity. However, these shortcomings are negated by the high level of functionality achieved by these integrations. It is best suited for PPC marketers and business owners who need to create high converting landing pages.