Why Are Creative Marketing Agencies Essential for B2B?

Why Are Creative Marketing Agencies Essential for B2B

To improve their branding or get a complete branding makeover, B2B companies sometimes seek the professional help of creative agencies. Having said this, B2B companies are the bread and butter of creative agencies. But do you know what creative marketing’ agencies are? What’s the difference between a creative agency and a creative marketing agency? Why has it become essential for B2B businesses to work with a creative marketing agency in 2019 (and beyond)? In this article, we will answer such questions and many more in detail, so read on!

What is a Creative Agency?

A creative agency is typically a company that crafts creative design for brands and businesses. Think of them as a creative powerhouse, the go-to business for someone who needs some design inspiration or want to get branding work done, for example. These companies can create beautiful and crisp looking marketing material for your campaigns, but they are not that familiar with the marketing part. Having said this, creating visually appealing content is still a big priority for B2C companies, and this is where creative agencies come into the picture. Their team consists of designers, developers, and directors. There are two types of marketing material that they can design, based on the instructions from the marketing team:

1. Digital

Digital media is growing rapidly and so is the demand for creative designers who are expert at designing and/or developing creative work for the digital world. From graphic illustrations to web design and even video production – they can create various forms of content in whichever format you seem fitting for your purpose. Having said this, they don’t know the details of how you can setup and launch digital marketing campaigns.

2. Print

A creative agency that has print media as their primary focus is particularly good at designing catalogues, brochures, book covers, etc. They know the subtle impact of fonts and colours, and their attention to detail is impeccable. Working with print also requires a deeper understanding of textures and the physical features of the finished product. Even though they may use similar design tools as their digital counterparts, the process and skill sets required for print media is very different compared to online. Plus, it’s easier to measure important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in digital marketing compared to print marketing. So, now that you know what a creative agency is, let’s understand what a creative marketing agency is.

What is a Creative Marketing Agency?

A creative marketing agency is a company that combines its expertise in creative design with its marketing stronghold to create and launch successful marketing campaigns. It’s a very good choice for B2B companies to hire a creative marketing agency to execute the marketing campaigns end-to-end with no/minimal external support required. Unlike creative agencies that have no direct experience with marketing or advertising, a creative marketing agency is highly effective at finding your target audience and placing your brand’s message in front of them. A creative marketing agency is typically composed of team members from both departments – graphic design and marketing. A creative marketing agency is capable to design marketing material from scratch, launch campaigns, and lead a potential business partner through the entire process from the first impression to final conversion.

What Separates Creative Marketing Agencies from Creative Agencies?

The answer is advertising! A digital advertising agency. Getting a brand out there in front of target business owner, and doing it well – is a major key! A leading creative marketing agency will have plenty of experience in both digital and print media, copywriting, delivering campaigns and using nifty marketing techniques to make a business stand out from the crowd. Many creative agencies lack the knowledge and skills required to target business professionals, spike their interest, and eventually make sales or conversions. This doesn’t mean creating effective graphics isn’t a critical part of marketing, but even the best graphic design in the world can be a big miss if the target audience doesn’t know what the next step is. It’s essential to use a clear, concise call-to-action (CTA) that makes your target audience do something, such as, “Call Us Now” or “Visit our website [URL]”. This will help direct the consumer to the appropriate next step in the conversion cycle. Full-service digital agencies are an example of creative marketing agencies that focus only on digital marketing. They excel at executing on digital marketing projects where many skill sets are required, including but not limited to designing creative assets like banner ads or rich media ads.

Why Choose a Creative Marketing Agency Over a Creative Agency?

Even though creative agencies can be a very useful resource, they largely focus on the visual appeal and design of marketing material. But don’t you think there’s something missing in this regard? Yes, because the actual goal was to promote the business and not just design the marketing material. Wasn’t it? Therefore, creative marketing agencies are a much better fit for most B2B companies’ requirements, since they are better equipped and familiar with the complete marketing and sales cycle. In order to create an actionable campaign, the creative agency needs to have all aspects of creative marketing. Such an agency would be called “creative marketing agency”. Their job includes the graphic design, but more so focused on the targeted audience, campaigns and its various placements, call to action (CTA), and most importantly – conversion tracking. If you want to reach out to other businesses effectively, you will certainly require marketing expertise on board. This is one of the top reasons for choosing creative marketing agencies over creative agencies.

Values Matter: 7 Important Differentiators When it Comes to Choosing the Right Agency

One of the most important factors that define a company is its core values. While it’s not as tangible as the other factors we have mentioned in this article so far, core values of the business operation often have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line and even their clients’. This is why the core values of an agency are a good differentiator when you want to separate good agencies from the rest. The values at the core of your agency determine the kind of results you can expect to get from your partnership with them.

1. Creativity and Innovation

Agencies that focus on creativity and innovation try to put more of new ideas at work. The breakthrough performance of marketing campaigns is not a coincidence but a bunch of well-planned and well-executed creative ideas.

2. Growth and Profitability

If the agency values profitability and growth, they will make decisions that will maximise margins, efficiency, and business growth. Not only would they care about their own profitability, but also of your ongoing marketing campaigns.

3. Quality and Excellence

Agencies who are serious about the quality of their work output value the success of their projects above all else. The result is high-quality work that draws in the attention of your target audience and converts them into a long-term business relationship.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

An agency that has adaptability at its core is very agile and flexible to changes that happen in the industry over time. Such a company will be open to try new ideas regularly and stay nimble when it comes to spotting new trends before they go mainstream.

5. Ethics

If the agency values ethics, they will do what is right instead of doing just what they want. In addition to this, they will also value ethics in their business operations on a day-to-day basis. This means they will be transparent to you, regardless of the consequences.

6. Commitment to their clients

An agency that values client service above everything else focus on keeping their clients satisfied and build long-term business relationships. If they promise you something, they need to deliver it on time, just as expected – regardless of how complex the deliverables are.

7. Commitment to their employees

Having a commitment to the employees is all about making a great workplace because only the best workplaces deliver the best work. Even though it may not seem as important to you, but it does eventually have an effect on the outcomes.

Final Thoughts

As the advertising industry shifts its focus towards digital media, the demand for creativity in marketing becomes ever-more important. Creative marketing agencies lie in this always evolving intersection of creative agencies with marketing agencies. The landscape of digital marketing also keeps changing rapidly with time, and the only thing that’s certain is that more and more businesses will look for creative marketing agencies going forward. Outsourcing end-to-end marketing will make complete sense to them on so many levels, not just because of the affordability and flexibility it offers, but also because businesses have other overheads to take care of. Achieving a high ROI on the investment made towards hiring a creative marketing agency is now more possible than ever!