What are the benefits of AI for Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a fascinating topic because it always has something going on that is worth talking about.


The rise of the internet and digital evolution has been in a constant state of change and improvement, often trying to offer more and better quality to the everyday of people everywhere, which is why that there are tendencies that have been developed in order to take things to the next level and one of them is artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

To be simple about, artificial intelligence, mostly known as AI in most internet places, is digital automatism that takes care of several different functions without the need of your input on it, thus making the procedures of many tasks of yours much simpler and to the point.

Artificial intelligence has been having somewhat of a prominent role in recent times in digital marketing because it has advanced a lot more in this field and it has delivered many different benefits to the way we behave in many digital areas, such as social media platforms.

Digital marketing has only gotten bigger and much more important throughout the years–right now, if you don’t have a strong digital presence, then you are very likely to fall behind your competitors with your brand. And one of the great tendencies of 2019 has been giving artificial intelligence a bigger share of influence to automatize other aspects of our online procedures.

What are the main benefits of AI?

Of course, the main question that someone is asking there is: What does artificial intelligence can do for me? This is perfectly valid and right now we are going to explain you some of the main benefits that you are going to get in 2019 by using artificial intelligence:

Personalize customer experience

One of the main takeaways that you can get from artificial intelligence is the fact that it can truly personalize your customer’s experience within your website or your social media profile by analyzing their profiles, which is going to generate the information that you require to deliver the kind of content that your target audience wants and perhaps even needs.

This is something worth taking into account when dealing with artificial intelligence because it is going to make a major difference in how your brand performs and because it has been established that by 2020 more than 90% of customers are going to desire a much more personalized approach by their favorite brands.

Speed-up content marketing

The creation of content on digital marketing can be quite tiresome because we are all human and, therefore, we all have our limits, so it becomes quite difficult to sustain a certain level of production and promotion of our work. This is why the impact of artificial intelligence can be so beneficial here: it can speed up your content marketing, which is quite helpful because it takes the pressure and the responsibility off your shoulders.

Optimizes your email marketing campaigns

Some people say that email marketing has lost the impact that it had a few years ago and that is fundamentally true, but that doesn’t stop you from using it to promote yourself a little more. And if we add that artificial intelligence’s machine learning can analyze the data and information about multiple consumers to determine what are the best days and hours to send an email, thus maximizing your potential of positive results and reactions from them.

This is one of the biggest highlights of 2019 artificial intelligence: the capacity to maximize your content in the possible manner.

The use of ads

If there is one bracket of digital marketing that has managed to adopt artificial intelligence almost perfectly, then that one must be digital ads. Why is that? Because platforms such as Google or Facebook have added machine learning to their ads, which leads to the latter appearing to users whose characteristics and demographics make them more likely to be appealed to the content that said ads have.

In terms of what this means for a digital marketer, this is great new because you are going to be able to reach the right audience without a lot of effort.

Requires less financial investment

While this is a much more general benefit, it is one worth mentioning. Modern day artificial intelligence has proven to be quite helpful for digital marketers everywhere and it has led to require less financial investment. One aspect of this that is interesting is that you are going to be in less need of hiring other people, so that saves you money in terms of salary, which is pretty good if you are currently running a small business that doesn’t have a big budget to work with.

Web design

Yes, now with artificial intelligence you can design your own website without the help of a web designer! This is possible thanks to applications such as Grid, where you provide certain data and information to the platform and it designs a website according to that. This is a big step forward in digital marketing because the vast majority of people that are currently starting always struggle with finding a proper web designer, so this is a pretty helpful choice in advance.

Less prone to errors

Of course, this is something that is quite good and helpful for us: human beings can provide a certain personalized approach to everything we do as a brand, but when it comes to standard procedures to keep the machine working, artificial intelligence is ahead of the game because they are designed to do said actions and this allows for much better results at short, medium and long term.

There are many other benefits when it comes to talk about digital marketing, but this one is something worth taking into account because they are going to make a fundamental different in your brand.

What are the best tips to handle AI?

Of course, artificial intelligence requires certain ways to handle it in the best possible manner and to get the best possible results. This is further emphasized by many experts in the field and that is why we are going to explain some of the best tips regarding the use of artificial intelligence:

Know what to automatize

This is something that is intrinsic to learning the nature of artificial intelligence: that not everything should be automatized because the results at long term are not going to be the best and this is something that you should always remember. Keep in mind that the human presence can play a very big role to connect with your target audience and is a role that you should relinquish.

Clearly define the reasons behind your use of AI

Don’t use artificial intelligence just for the sake of using it; there has to be clear and specific reasons to use it because that way you are going to be able to maximize the results and do a lot better in multiple platforms. Sit down with your team, research about the possible uses of artificial intelligence and ask yourself why you want to use this alternative, so that the focus can be much more precise.

Always try to look for data from trusted sources

This is paramount, actually: artificial intelligence requires information on any level, so that is something you should address from the get-go –the more information you provide to the machine learning process, the more precise is going to be the focus of the artificial intelligence to help you get far better results at short, medium and long term. Artificial intelligence needs a lot of information.

Build a healthy infrastructure

Artificial intelligence is not the same for every brand and that is something to keep in mind when you are starting out: make an emphasis in making sure that your brand has a capable and realistic infrastructure in order to seize the level of artificial intelligence that may suit your brand best. We are referring to elements such as budget restrictions, the amount of data storage and the amount of time that you have available in order to get artificial intelligence to work the way you want.

Continuous Improvement

This is essential because it’s going to make a major difference for you: your brand is not going to improve unless that you constantly work in trying your artificial intelligence because that way you are going to have a greater understanding of what works and what doesn’t with it in your case, which is something that we all want to achieve–we want to streamline all the errors and mistakes of our artificial intelligence’s performance to work better at the long run.

Artificial Intelligence matters for Digital Marketing.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and it is only going to get more significant and better throughout the course of the next years, so it’s very important that you start considering its services because one of 2019’s biggest trends is only going to become much more prominent in the foreseeable future.