Why We Choose SiteGround for Web Hosting

Why We Choose SiteGround for Web Hosting

As a digital agency, your main goal should be to offer your customers with the best quality services. This will get them to trust you and thus enhance customer loyalty. One of the things that clients will expect from you is that you will offer them with quality websites and website host to help them run their businesses and to do this, you must have the best website host in place.

Website design entails a lot of specifications, and, unfortunately, web hosting platforms are one of the aspects that most individuals view as an afterthought. The truth is, setting up web hosting can be complicated, frustrating, and tedious, but that does not mean that people should do without it. It is an essential part of the website and has a significant effect on the visitors’ experience with the site. It can either attract or drive them away.

The process does not have to be tedious as long as you have the right hosting platform. Among the leading web host that is gaining popularity among most digital agencies is Siteground. SiteGround has continued to be an excellent choice for web hosting due to their continued improvement, performance and continual innovation and upgrades t the platform. Primarily, this hosting platform’s features are designed for Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

We have been using this host for an extended period, and we must admit that it has been great. The features and services that we have been getting from SiteGround exceed our expectations. We came across this web host through reviews on the internet. We came across this digital agency that was looking for recommendations on the best host to adopt, and most of the suggestions said SiteGround. That is when we decided to give it a trial, and honestly, it has been the best decision that we ever made.

The reliability, speed, and overall performance is something we had not experienced with any of our past web hosting platforms. Let us have a look at our favorite features and benefits that make us prefer this SiteGround.


One of the top benefits and things that make SiteGround a reliable platform for digital agencies is reliability. Uptime has always been of utmost importance and should be a top thing to put into consideration when selecting a host. We always struggled with consistency, and every time we wanted to test the site, there had to be a downtime. This was not good for our reputation, and nobody really loved our way of offering services, but that was until we discovered SiteGround. We have been enjoying active and live websites consistently, and all our clients are happy. That’s all that matters to us.

Speed and performance

With SiteGround, speed and high performance are a guarantee. Running a digital agency is all about performance and ensuring that time can be saved at all costs, and you definitely want to get the fastest loading site to achieve that. Mostly, the speed of a website depends on the distance between the client and the server. A slow-loading server can be super frustrating, and nobody wants to wait for minutes for a page to load. You might end up losing potential customers since they will instead opt to move to the competitors. SiteGround loads within seconds when tested and you get fast Uptime results, which prove how consistent its speed will be over time. Our customers have since been happy and have witnessed an incredible increase in traffic, all thanks to the improved site speed.

Excellent support

This is a great benefit, especially to WordPress users. Excellent customer services and support has always been SiteGround’s highlights and the reason why it is preferred. They provide a 24/4 live chat and phone support to ensure that they can answer any questions and give you real-guidance, thus avoiding mistakes. This supported, however, is mainly meant for WordPress websites users or developers who need help with most WordPress-related issues and WordPress plugins and themes. They will also be there to help in installations. SiteGrounds have done everything in its power to reduce the number of support request received by the staff, and they have done all they can to ensure that their team can answer any requests. To do so, it has integrated an in-house tracking to optimize its staff’s way of handling requests.

Once you send a support request, you immediately get a reply, and the best part is that you will get access to a personal profile of the customer service representative that you wish to speak with. You will be assigned a representative that will guide you through any issues that you could be experiencing when creating and installing the website. All the customer support givers are versed with the relevant information and have extensive experience, which makes them reliable at all time.

What’s more? SiteGround has a collection of articles all which offers a knowledge base and help you navigate through common problems that you might experience during web hosting. Comes with an in-built WordPress caching.

When looking to maximize your site traffic, you must ensure that it has to cache otherwise it might not be in a position to handle the spike. This is regardless of how good the host is. The truth is, caching can be a bit complicated and challenging to set up correctly. Good news is that SiteGround makes it easier for everyone. We did not have the WordPress plugins for this job, and we thought that everything would be a mess, but this web host came handy. They have everything explained, and all we had to do was to click a few buttons, and everything was set. Now, our sites can handle tons of traffic. If you are afraid of setting up caching with the fear that you might mess it up, shift to SiteGround and let their support guide you. It is pretty easy and guaranteed.

Great services for WordPress users

We have explained how we got excellent support for WordPress websites. That is not all that you should expect from them. We got a range of services designed exclusively for WordPress users. The first service that we got is SiteGround SuperCacher, which we have explained above. This one will take care of the website’s caching needs, which was super amazing since we did not need a third-party plugin to set it up. The other fantastic service that we totally loved is security practices. With the service, we were assured that our site was well protected against attacks. It entails a super powerful firewall that protects hackers and attackers from reaching your site while doing close monitoring on the site to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities as files exit your WordPress site. If the web host discovers any vulnerabilities, it immediately implements fixes to protect the website as the developers of the files at risk work on updating them.

Auto updates are the next feature and benefit that you will love about SiteGround hosting. This feature allows for automatic updates of the WordPress core files and also, you can count on it to update plugins. If you wish, you can turn it off and let it update manually.

A staging area – we loved how this feature made it easier and more manageable to design our websites in a controlled and offline environment. It made both the website designing and hosting less complicated and even allowed us to test new code and other changes without affecting the site’s appearance and the way it operates for the front-end users. It only takes a single click to take us live, and everything is set. If you want, you can also check the advanced features which are mostly meant for the experienced digital developers. These include the WP-CLI, which allows you to install and update the site from the command line. SiteGround has also released a ton of well-designed, developed and secured free themes that you can download and install on your WordPress accounts at no cost.

CDN services

This is one of the main reasons why we prefer this web hosting platform over the rest that we had tried before. Each of the plans entails a free Cloudflare account which allows us to enable CDN for our sites. We have noticed that the CDN enhances the speed of the site by distributing access to our site across the servers all over the globe. This way, our users can connect to the server that is closest to them. This has significantly helped us improve our customer services and ensure that all our customers get the best out of their sites. Site protection should always be a top priority when looking for a web hosting platform, and that is precisely what SiteGround promises and delivers.

Entails e-commerce features and free website transfer

We love that this host supports e-commerce sites, which only makes websites more attractive. Take an example of SSL certificates which are available for free through SiteGrounds which partners with Let’s Encrypt. What’s more? SiteGround provides hosting plans that are exclusively for e-commerce sites. These include Softaculous and cPanel, all of which are designed to make things easier for developers to install ecommerce applications with just a single click. You can install up to 18 applications, which include OpenCart, Magento, and PrestaShop.

As a digital agency or website developer, it is reasonable to feel intimidated by website transfer, especially if you are not experienced in this. You will be scared of making mistakes which could result in the loss of everything you have worked for. Luckily with SiteGround, everything is set for you, and you do not need the expertise to do so. The host entails a free website transfer service, available for single websites and cPanel account migrations.

Features daily backups

Backups are one thing that most individuals tend to forget, and the truth is we were also victims before we discovered SiteGround. Imagine losing everything you have been trying to put together for months in a few seconds. It can be super frustrating and pushes you several steps behind. SiteGround performs regular backups for all hosting plans for free and the best part is that if you buy a premium hosting plan, you will have access to approximately 30 copies of your backups. This has changed our ways of doing things, knowing that we will always have our data safe regardless of any element that could result in data loss. This is the way to keep your agency moving at all times.

Getting the right web hosting provider

Getting the right hosting provider for your clients’ websites can be a challenge, especially if you are new in the digital agency market. We have worked with a range of popular hosting platforms in the past few years, and all we got were painful and frustrating experiences, which cost us a lot of money. Once a website goes down or in a case of technical glitches, it will significantly affect the user experience, and eventually, you will lose money and potential customers. Finding the right hosting service provider that can give you topnotch services and support is the only way to stay on top and SiteGround can be considered as one of those providers based on our experience. With the previous web hosting partners, we had to fill out forms and have our services published on the forum, but we no longer have to go through the hassle. Now we get instant responses on the chat with a real person, and this ensures that all our problems are solved in real time and it is done by a professional.

We have, however, experienced a few drawbacks with SiteGround that we wish would be fixed. One of them is the overall pricing. We feel like the host is a bit too expensive, especially for beginners and small agencies, and they might not be in a position to afford it. However, if you value the results, then the pricing is excellent for the services offered. The other con is the plan limitations whereby they limit disc space across the shared plans. Sometimes, their servers cannot take many visitors on the site at a time, but there have been improvements, and it is getting better.


Overall, we would recommend SiteGround as web hosting platform for any digital agency looking to improve its customer services and improve their website design.