What Services Make Up a Design Agency?

What Services Make Up a Design Agency

The Graphic Design Industry is extremely multi-faceted. There is no simple explanation or illustration that captures all the different aspects that are covered under the umbrella term of ‘graphic design’.

To help you, the reader, we’ve pulled together a convenient list of the different products and services that make up the graphic design industry. It is not intended to be 100% complete, as there are no doubt smaller niches of the industry that we will have missed, but we’ll certainly hit the main items.

When someone says that they work for a design agency, it will normally mean that they focus on one or two types. By specialising, artists are able to become experts and therefore be extremely valuable for someone looking for that particular medium. Other artists prefer more of a jack-of-all-trades approach, so that they can cover any kind of request.

Regardless of the approach, graphic design artists need to remain flexible and adaptive so that they can stay relevant in a field which is always developing and evolving. Here is our list of services offered by graphic design artists.

Design Agency Services

Corporate Design – this type of graphic design incorporates a lot of different aspects from logos, to branding, color and typography, to name a few. It is also referred to as visual identity graphic design. It is used to help companies create the visual elements of a brand identity.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design – when someone mentions the word graphic design, this is often what people jump to in their minds. This type of service creates designs that will be used for a company’s marketing and advertising such as posters, magazine ads, billboards etc

Publication Graphic Design – by publications, we are referring to books, newspapers, annual reports and other such print media. This service requires the artist to place images and text together in a thoughtful manner that is in line with the company issuing the material.

Packaging Graphic Design – this service does exactly what it says on the tin but it is not simply about the protective wrapper around a product. Packaging can now function as important marketing for a company and should help businesses to bring in increased sales volume. Apple, for example, spend a great amount of time and expense on the packaging of their products.

User Interface Graphic Design – this type of service is relatively modern and new. A user interface (UI) is essentially how a user interacts with a device. UI Graphic Design is therefore the process of designing those interfaces to make them visually appealing to the user, and to make them simple to use.

Environmental Graphic Design – this service is about physical spaces. Environmental graphic design (EGD) visually connects people to places to improve their overall experience by making spaces more memorable, interesting, informative, or easier to navigate.  

Motion Graphic Design – this is a fast-growing service in the industry. Motion graphics can be used in a lot of different mediums and are infiltrating some of the other services mentioned above. Motion graphics are an animation that also have some sort of text as a component of the artwork.

Mobile App Design – with the proliferation of apps in the last decade, a whole new service has been born. We are all aware of the difference that a well-designed app can have on how often we use and its effectiveness. Therefore this is a much sought after role by companies nowadays. Art & Illustration for Graphic Design –  sometimes as part of an ad campaign or poster, there needs to be actual artwork or illustrations incorporated. These can be just as important, if not more so, than the other components of the graphic design.

In conclusion

As we mentioned above, this list is not intended to be all-encompassing. Hopefully though it provides a useful introduction to some of the various types of services that graphic design agencies are offering in this burgeoning industry.


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