What Makes a Digital Agency Different from Web Developer

What Makes a Digital Agency Different from Web Developer

In the field of site building, there are also completely new terms that you may not have heard about. From now on, the usual Web Developer began to be called Digital Agencies. However, they are not only creating websites, but also engage in digital marketing and digital advertising.

Surely, you have come across the concept of a digital agency. But we hasten to assure you, not every Web Developer is also Digital Agency.

Web Developer and Digital Agency have different scope of activity. Although, they both work so that the customer’s business develops and is successful. Often, a Web Developer has narrower objectives and goals, and the Digital Agency operates on a larger scale.

Digital agency thinks through a company promotion strategy. They also create advertising campaigns, website development and sometimes, mobile applications to promote customer products. Often, they also involve in promotion through various social networks.

The Digital Agency accumulates all the forces and resources to achieve its objectives and goals. Therefore, a company achieved desired goals in the form of: profits, sales, new and returning old customers, as well as improving the company’s reputation.

Most companies with web sites have site analytics, but not all have the time and competence to use it properly. Digital agency will help to constantly improve such key aspects as search marketing, user interaction with the site, advertising in social networks and email marketing.

Even if you invest a lot of money, you can waste it. This often happens in large marketing companies when you use various tools to achieve goals that are actually, more profitable when hiring digital agency.

Finally, Companies without Digital Agency usually do not have clear strategic goals of what they want to achieve on the Internet, in terms of attracting new customers or retaining existing ones. If you do not have such goals, then you do not invest enough resources to achieve the goals and do not track through the available analytics whether you are achieving the objectives set or not.

Why You Need A Website Marketing

Leaving a website after its built is not the way you will improve your business. Below, you will find a reason of why you should market your already-built website (which in case, with the help of digital agency)

1 Search for new customers

Every day, the number of online users is growing. Therefore, this phenomenon is expanding the search for potential customers. An increasing number of people are shopping necessary goods and services online. If your products stand out from competitors, you can win a significant part of the market.

2 The geographical expansion

Internet market has largely solved the problem of communication between remote regions. Having your own website marketed, you can easily declare yourself not only to local residents, but also to those who live thousands of kilometers from your location.

3 Improving your reputation

Most people prefer to use the services or buy goods of those firms that openly talk about their activities. A website with necessary marketing is a great way to demonstrate openness and create an image of a reliable and serious company.

4 Customer Feedback

If you market your website so good, you will start receiving feedback of your product/services. In fact, technologies of a modern website allow you to create a convenient feedback system that helps to study customer opinions. You can identify weaknesses and quickly respond to changes in the market.

5 Demonstration of new products and services

When you launch a new product, you will need a website marketing. Why? Because you need to show your customers the new product/service overview. Thanks to the latest technology, now you can also publish video materials that better demonstrate all the advantages of the products or services offered.

6 Business 24/7

Website that sticks on Google Search because good marketing strategy gives you prospects and customer 24/7. It does not require presence in the workplace. Everyone can get the necessary information about the company or order products at any time.

7 Inexpensive and effective advertising

Website promotion can be less expensive and more effective than promoting your company on TV or Radio. By using proper SEO strategy, you can even get customers with free traffic.

8 Save time

On the website you can publish all possible information about the company and products, contacts, directions, prices and more. This way, you will avoid a large number of calls and hectic direct communications with your customers directly.

The Cost of Digital Agencies

All digital studios operate in a fairly high price segment. The fact is that the company itself is built on a group of professionals. We are not referring to those unfortunate specialists who just completed introductory courses on web development and claim themselves to be ready to provide their services for few hundred dollars. We talk about the real experts in this field with years of experience.

Each individual in Digital Agency usually has enough experience to deal with internet marketing tasks. Those people usually keep themselves updated with the latest google trends and social network algorithms.

If digital agency builds a website, then team will have individuals specialized on web development, programming, landing page designer, internet marketing, and content writing. Moreover, if the they work exclusively in online advertising, they will have specialists on SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Digital agencies may also involve a freelancer to work with them. For example, a photo model, additional content writer, proofreader, website tester, and more.

At Last

Should I order website development service in a digital agency? Definitely! However, get ready to spend more money, since they will also offer you some internet marketing services. In case, you need to order a fully functional website only, keep in mind that internet marketing is a changing art. There will always a new way to promote a product/service online that perhaps, only the expert knows which one works, and which one doesn’t.

That is why, hiring a good digital agency will mostly worth the money.