What is Motion Graphic Design?

What is Motion Graphic Design

If you need to convey information or message to an audience quickly and effectively, then you can’t go wrong with motion graphics. Motion graphics are engaging, entertaining, and you probably come into contact with them much more frequently than you realise. But what is motion graphic design? If you’re unsure, don’t worry, just read on to learn exactly what it is and how you can make it work for you.

Motion graphic design is the point where animation and graphic design meets, it is a subset of graphic design principles used within a film or video production context. It is a fluid and active style of animation that works best for educational content and marketing messages, and it’s a great way to add humour and depth to what would otherwise be just text on screen with a voiceover.

They can also be a great way to enhance and tell a story. It involves using shapes and graphics with dynamic movement and transitions, married with text, voiceover and music. It has also been used in film, such as the opening titles to Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) and HBO’s True Detective (2014), though it’s rare to see an independent film in this style.

As you can see, it’s not a new concept, but it has grown in popularity in the digital age and as digital tools have become more available, such as Adobe After Effects and Flash. It’s a fantastic way of sharing information online, be that informational content or an ad that displays the simplicity of your product or service, as well as increase overall engagement.

You’ll often see motion graphics used in education content because it’s such a great way to explain difficult concepts and complicated information. It visually simplifies the topic for the viewer and keeps them focused while the information is delivered.

It can turn what would be a dull video into something fun and entertaining, and also provides a format for you to display statistics, graphs and charts in a way that is best understood by your audience.

If you’re looking for a Motion Graphic Designer to work with you on your marketing campaign or informational content, we do have an extensive network of digital agencies full of high qualified designers.