Top 15 Tips to Profitable Digital Agency

Top 15 Tips to profitable Digital Agency

If you are thinking about creating a digital agency, this post is for you.

If you have customers who are not yet taking advantage of the digital market, it is your duty to put them on the Internet and guarantee them a good position.

With the massive growth of Internet users, brands began to realize the importance of investing in online strategies and the search for digital agencies has increased considerably. As a result, the number of digital agencies also grew, expanding the competition among those who act in this area.

So, if you want to stand out and conquer more clients, you will have to use some marketing strategies within your own business. If you have your own agency or work as a solo internet marketer and need help with it, stay with us. In this this article, we will show you everything you need to make extremely profitable digital agency in less than a year. Interested? Stick around!

1. Start the Habits of Successful Entrepreneur

Before starting to work on the tips and external resources that can help you to have your Digital Agency, the first thing you should do is start modifying your life habits.

For entrepreneur, there are no fixed schedules or a defined boundary between work and leisure days. You must deliver a large part of your potentially productive time to raise your company and fight to make a place for yourself in the market.

Therefore, the first step is to start up the maximum possible hours.

»And, how can I get more hours to invest in my project?

Well, starting the day before anyone else. Waking up at dawn, between 05:00 and 06:00 in the morning, will give you not only the necessary discipline to undertake, but those essential extra hours.

In addition, and as a general rule, those 2 or 3 hours before the “normal” life begins, people are usually very productive. Why?

Because you will not have distractions because your phone rings, the email, the children (if you have them), the noises of the street, etc.

Therefore, wake up the Sun and not the other way around.

Also, do some sport routinely; if you propose it, it is always possible. Keep in mind that sports will not only help you eliminate toxins and stress.

Self-evaluate and discover what you do well and what you can improve every day. You should try to make the most of that time by reflecting and trying to refine your virtues.

»Likewise, reserve time on a regular basis to read new information

Nowadays, business in general and Digital Marketing in particular, evolve very quickly and it is essential to be up-to-date so as not to be left behind.

Dedicate time and resources to expand your knowledge and be at the forefront of the sector. Finally, remember that when everything goes very well, it’s time to pinch yourself and get out of the dream. You’ve heard about ” comfort zone ” a lot of times, but leaving it on a regular basis is the only way to be in constant evolution. Keep yourself learning and searching for new opportunities.

2. Set up A Plan and Take an Action

Dreaming costs nothing, but to start a digital agency, you need a plan and take an action. Therefore, put on a sheet of paper about everything you would require for a business to grow.

Ask yourself:

  • How much do I need to start?
  • How long it takes to grow at a certain level
  • What services I am going to offer

Planning something doesn’t have to be so perfect. In fact, the most important part is to take an action. After all, you may do some improvisation throughout your plan when it is applied.

3. Become an Example of Good Online Business

The action is little obvious. After all, if you work on marketing other companies, you need to show that you know how to do it. Therefore, nothing more important than ensuring that your agency is also the best, isn’t it?

If the marketing of your service does not convey a professional image, people will not trust your work. They will not believe that you are going to do something good with their company.

4. Have a Blog

One of the best marketing actions for agencies that you can do is to have a blog. With this type of strategy, you can share content that is attractive to your customers and show your authority on the subject.

The blog is a great gateway for those who are on the Internet trying to better understand some problems, find solutions for their pain or even make decisions.

Organize yourself and create relevant content for customers who are in all of these steps. Since the objective is to show how your agency is ready to efficiently take care of the marketing of another company, share in your blog some case studies (if any).

5. Use social networks

Creating a profile of your agency on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube, for example, is also interesting to gain visibility in the market. In the end, practically everyone accesses at least one of those channels daily.

In social networks, you can communicate more informally and close to your potential customers, which can work as an excellent marketing strategy.

In addition, you can participate in groups in social media formed by people with common interest. Here, you can disseminate your work and show that you know everything about the topic addressed there.

However, always remember that the content shared in these media should be relevant and attractive to the public. Nobody wants to be bombarded with advertisements every minute, isn’t it?

For example, you can publish flashy images, infographics with important data, objective and informative texts or interesting videos. The important thing is that, the material is easy to consume and encourages people to share, promoting your agency to more people.

Unfortunately, creating profiles on all social networks at the first time of agency development is not a good idea. Maintaining presence in these channels requires a lot of dedication and, if you have too many profiles, it can be difficult to give them all due attention. Focus on the social networks that are most accessed by your audience. You will achieve more commitment and better results.

6. Create attractive ads

Everyone who wants to stand out on the Internet needs to know how to build quality content on the blog and social networks. However, a good marketing campaign for agencies also needs to include paid online advertising actions. This type of strategy reaches the right audience faster.

To disclose the work of your agency, create ads with objective that attract people’s attention. They need to look at that content and feel attracted, wanting to better understand what you are offering. Place the ads in widely accessible media by your audience. Therefore, your investment has the maximum possible profit. If possible, create a viral campaign.

7. Be Unique

People find all kinds of information on the Internet and, therefore, are increasingly demanding when buying products or hire a service.

If you want your agency to be chosen by the users, you will have to show all the details about what you do. They have to notice the advantages that only you offer!

Having a website is a way to gather everything about your agency’s work in one place, so that your potential clients resolve their doubts and feel confident when hiring. In addition, this marketing strategy serves to create another channel of communication with users and show them that you are well updated and know the trends of the digital market.

8. Send Email Marketing

If you work in the marketing sector, you probably already know that email marketing is a great tool to communicate with customers.

All the other channels mentioned above are very effective ways of relating to people. However, email allows a more segmented and personal conversation. When creating a strategy to send email marketing, you can use resources that show the user that you really value. You can understand better about their problem. So that you can offer the best service specialized for them.

In fact, it is possible to create personalized campaigns. You can send newsletters relevant information and offer promotions in special times, and more. Knowing how to make conversions through email marketing is a way of telling the client that you know very well what you are doing.

9. Study your competition

To be competitive, we must know what others do. Moreover, how they do it and if there is any opportunity for us to enter the same field of play.

Monitoring the competition is another important marketing action that must be carried out by the agencies. In reality, everyone who has a business wants to constantly improve their results. Therefore, you must understand what competitors are doing. This way, you can be more assertive in your actions.

Therefore, you should also observe the behavior of them in social media. Then, find out how they communicate with customers.

The information that you will collect when monitoring them should not be used to copy or devalue what they are doing. Instead, you to identify what is working and prepare to offer something even better.

In addition, you will be able to notice what are the bottlenecks found in your market to formulate some actions that solve those problems. In case of your competitors, you can also do the same. You can sometimes discover their failures and use them as an opportunity that allows you to stand out.

10. Amazing solution

After having studied your competition, you will know exactly what you need to deliver something different to your clients. This is the time to identify all the strengths of your marketing agency and start using them to your advantage.

Find out what your audience wants. Most importantly, something that has not yet found in your competitor. As a result, you can overtake the competition and stand out.

11. Publish Testimonials

Nothing can beat a success story.

Consumers want to know if the product or service they are acquiring is really efficient and fulfills everything they promised.

Therefore, whenever possible, disclose the experiences of customers who have already achieved success in hiring your digital marketing service.

It should demonstrate comparisons between before-after results. Therefore, everyone understands how your work is. This type of content gain you market authority and surely increase your sales.

If possible, also include some testimonials from your clients where they share what they think of the service contracted.

12. Become a Specialist

As the Internet has become the preferred place for those looking for solutions, having a digital agency that focused on specific solution is an increasingly promising and profitable business.

If that is what you are looking for, become a specialist in the subject before you start.

Prepare to study everything in specific area. For example, Pinterest Marketing, SEO for local business, or Lead generation. You should also observe the market demands and study all the available tools

13. Completing the Legal Requirements

All formally constituted companies must pass through legal procedures, permission, and authorization from the competent authorities. This varies a lot between countries. Even within the same country, depending on the states, there are also differences.

However, if you are just getting started, these things are not really necessary. If the ball is rolling, you get decent amount of profit and some recurring clients, this legal thing might be more than necessary.

14. When you focus, You Will Make It!

Let me tell you a story. I had friends from a digital marketing agency. They were excellent in their areas (design and marketing) and allied to have a very particular agency. Each one had activity as a freelancer and by joining forces, they created a shared vision. Then, they set up a team so powerful that after a short time, they were already popular. Even their previous clients began to recommend them.

Here is what they are doing. They work hard on their project as if as it is their own fulltime job. Yes, they focus on building their agency. Some of us start doing it wrong. We want to have a digital agency but we still do a fulltime job on the side. That’s not going to work that way

Even if it works, it surely takes a longer time. Most importantly, if it takes to long for your business to improve, you will doubt yourself and then quit.

There were downs, of course. But when you are firm in your purpose, sooner or later things start to work. Be positive annd you’ll will make it.

15. Don’t forget about Risk Management

If creativity, design and communication are your thing, this will undoubtedly be the most boring section of your business, unless you have your “little heart” as an economist and like numbers.

But make no mistake: in the business world numbers are everything.

The numbers will decide if you can continue creating next month or if you will be able to pay for all the tools that we have been seeing so far.

And of course, it will determine if it is viable to have created your digital marketing agency and continue with it in the medium term.

Still, do not be scared: if you do not get the numbers, it may not be a problem of capacity and quality of your work.

It is possible that you are not managing the costs correctly, so you should pay attention and have them controlled.

Therefore, try to be disciplined and allocate one day a month to devote “exclusively” to analyze the expenses, income, money you have pending collection and forecasts for the coming months.

Keep in mind that you must be very strict when separating taxes from the money you get. Otherwise, you may have problems in the future.

Do you have other tips to make this list more complete? Let us know in the comment below!