5 Ways to Level Up Your Graphic Design Skills

5 Ways to Level Up Your Graphic Design Skills

Graphic design is a competitive industry.

In fact, there are currently around 260,000 people employed as a graphic designer in the US. That might not sound like a lot. But this is a creative profession, and in creative industries, you can guarantee that supply exceeds demand.

Essentially, there will always be more designers than jobs.

Designers have to stay at the top of their game if they’re to land enough work. In this profession, there’s always room for improvement! Need some tips on how to do it?

Keep reading for 5 ways to level up your design skills.

5 Tips for Better Design Skills

Being a successful graphic designer demands continuous personal development. Here’s how to improve quickly and easily.

1. Get Theoretical

You may have been lucky enough to be born with a creative flare.

An initial ability, combined with encouragement and masses of practice, may have combined to make you a top-notch designer. However, just as learning music theory can turn a good musician into a great one, learning design theory can take you to the next level.

There are fundamental design components to master. Think color, composition, and typography to name a few. Start learning theory and your design work will improve automatically.

2. Have Some Fun

Turning a hobby into a profession can strip the joy from it.

Spending all day long doing other people’s design work can leave you uninspired and unmotivated. Where these crucial components of creativity are lacking, your designing will suffer.

Endeavor to continue with your own personal projects. A side project can keep you inspired, and that’s sure to enhance your design all around.

3. Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

You’ve done it.

You’re a pro designer and you’re good at what you do. However, it’s all too easy to get stuck in the same old design habits. It’s like an actor who gets type-cast into certain roles. They’re good at something, and it gets them work. But they don’t make any headway.

Experimenting with new design styles and approaches is the antidote to this. Mix things up every once in a while. Practice makes perfect. New strings to your bow will always be a bonus.

That might entail learning the latest software program or developing softer skills such as time management and customer relations.

4. Keep Your Portfolio Up to Date

This is a quick and easy tip to get new work.

Not updating your portfolio is like using your teenage CV to apply for graduate level jobs. You have to keep it updated and relevant.

Your portfolio is often the number one thing to land new clients. Make a habit of regularly adding to it. The longer you leave it, the harder it gets to manage.

5. Start Networking

Learning from others is another great way to improve.

Go to design workshops, courses, conferences, and networking events. Exposing yourself to creative people, with new and interesting styles and ideas is only ever a positive thing.

Do you know what’s even better? Surrounding yourself with designers who are better than you. It might be demoralizing in the beginning. But this is the nature of tuition. In time, their expertise will transfer to you.

Time to Get Designing

There you have it: 5 ways to improve your design skills.

There’s no time to waste. This is a competitive field. You owe it to yourself to stay at the top of your game. Continuous improvement is the only way you’ll beat the competition and ensure you make your design career as successful as it can be.

Hopefully, the tips here will help you along the way.

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