5 Hacks to Sell Your Digital Agency Services

5 Hacks to Sell Your Digital Agency Services for Top Dollars

Selling services is significantly different from selling products. You buy a refrigerator – and it freezes food for many years. Printer – and you print the necessary paper every day. Orthopedic office chair – and it becomes comfortable to sit in front of a computer all the day. The product constantly reminds you that you made the right choice, and the mere existence of this thing in personal use brings moral satisfaction.

Yes, and the choice to do is easier: I came to the store, chose a product, checked its performance, pulled the soul out of the consultant to get all the information, compared it with a competitive model and bought it.

With the service, it is much more complicated. It is not visible, there is no positive reminder, and it is impossible to estimate in advance how it will be of high quality. The service “materializes” only at the time of execution. In fact, the client buys a cat in a bag. He cannot predict whether the doctor will make the correct diagnosis, whether the tax declaration will be made correctly and how the barber will cut it – after all, a new hairstyle cannot be tried on in advance. A person has to bet on the decision – without a guarantee of results.

Indeed, the service provider in most cases cannot give a guarantee. How can you guarantee a complete cure for the disease? Or that a promotional video will lead 100,500 customers? Or that the wedding will be held without a hitch? No Because there is a human factor, equipment failure, weather conditions and anything, which did not allow you to bring desired results of your services.

This is where the main problem of marketing services comes from – how to sell something that cannot be felt, tried and evaluated?

The basic rules for selling services are likely to be known to many. However, people do not perform them, and thereby driving themselves crazy. Below, we will discuss further on how to sell your digital services for top dollars.

How to Sell Digital Services Like a Pro

According to the latest studies, businesses in USA spent $20,404.61 in average for Google AdWords. This figure is growing is growing every day. Customers are becoming more expensive, competition is increasing. As a result, if we want to be in the market, we are forced to lower the price and sometimes work ourselves in the minus in order to get the order. And this is an eternal movement in a circle in the breakeven zone (and this is at best). At some point you will reach the ceiling or patience will end, and you will have to start all over again.

Consider another option – you have created a service that was not previously on the market. And if everything is clear to your closest associates, it is very difficult for strangers to be curious of ​​buying this new service.  

The main goal of a business manager is to learn how to sell your services expensive!

If you are sure about the value of what you are selling, the high price will not be an obstacle either in a highly competitive environment or in a new, unexplored niche.

Your main task is to convey to the client the significance of the service precisely for the price you set. Disable the desire to please, do not dump the market, otherwise you will work at a loss. Choose a customer who is willing to pay you, match what you are selling.

Until a person understands that the service is unique and necessary for him personally, he will not buy it at any price. My personal experience shows that there is a sales department in every company, but not every manager thinks about the need for its reorganization. As long as we do not conduct an audit of what is and do not show prospects, which a businessman will receive, including in monetary terms, no changes are out of the question.

Here, I offer you a convenient formula for selling services expensive. It is important to understand that expensive means qualitatively and honestly. This applies to those who are confident in themselves and their product, see its value and are not ready to suffer losses only because there are many competitors around or, conversely, not one. Everything is decided not by the external environment, but by your internal attitude to what you are doing.

1. Explain the Process Of the Service

The thorough knowledge of your service and the guarantee for the result at each stage speaks about your high expertise. For example, you are proposing to create a new sales department in a company.

This is preceded by the following steps:

  • Current status audit
  • Call analysis
  • Adjustment
  • Development of instructions and business processes
  • Their introduction
  • Staff recruitment
  • New unit launch
  • Achievement of necessary indicators

Do not be afraid to speak these steps with the client at the meeting. He only thinks about the end result, but not what you offer in each milestone. Each process is a great job and that is integrated into the service.

Due to this, the value of the service itself is growing. Both you and the client will understand how the formation of a new sales department is carried out and why this service has such a cost. Often, the question of price after a detailed analysis of the project does not arise: a competent businessman already understands what he will pay for.

2. Declare Unique Benefits and Value

Often, people do not sell expensive because they are uncomfortable calling the price. They are repelled by the value of the market.

Take financial counseling as an example. You analyzed the market and saw that all provide similar services in the city for 2,000 dollars and decided to stick to the same cost. But internally, you are uncomfortable calling this amount. The eternal question: “What to do? How to believe that the services you provide are really worth more money?”

In this case, I suggest you describe in detail your service and the benefits that your client will receive. As soon as you describe in detail all the benefits of the service you are planning to sell, the cost issue will disappear by itself. As soon as you begin to selflessly believe in your product, the question of price disappears automatically. Of course, you have to be confidence on it

A simple but effective algorithm to write out all the benefits of your service. You should ask yourself the following questions:

Answer 4 questions right now:

  • What benefits will the client get from using your service?
  • What negative consequences can a client avoid using your service?
  • What happens if the customer does not buy the service (negative consequences)?
  • Why should the client buy from you and not from others (and what you do that others don’t)?

Be sure to do this exercise. Write down at least 10 answers to each question.

After this exercise, many digital agencies realize how cheap they sell something that has invested a lot of effort and money. Again, a new sales negotiation begins with a belief in yourself.

3. Dictate Your Terms

About five years ago, I put a client higher than myself. Well, it was a history. Nowadays, I choose those with whom I plan to cooperate. I have unique knowledge that will help the client and bring him the result (in my case, SEO). If he is not ready to perceive them, then why should we waste each other’s time.

If the partner is only willing to pay, but not to invest in person, the same question arises. The result of my work is a well-built strategy for the development of a sales department in a company, and without the participation of a manager, its qualitative formation is impossible. When you know the high value of your service, you are confident in your product, then you become more confident and easier to voice the high price.

4. Determination to Set the Conditions Of Sale.

It is important to determine the cost of the service, discounts, and bonuses that you are willing to provide before the presentation or personal meeting

There are two key questions that you should know the answer to:

  • Why should a person make a purchase?
  • Why should he make a purchase right now?

The answer to the first question is the value of the service itself. And the answer to the second is what motivates the customer to buy now. It can be a discount, a bonus, or a additional assistance if the client still has doubts.

5. First chat or dropout

You sell expensive services, and your time is expensive. You need to pick the right customer. It is better to first talk on the phone, find out why you need a meeting and try to make an easy sale. For example, a paid consultation.

When selling expensive services, this is important, as people often agree to meetings on premium services out of interest and vanity. At the time of screening, you will understand whether you can help the client and whether he will be willing to pay a high price for what you offer.

Expensive services are not sold in the forehead through websites or social networks. In 90% of cases, meetings and personal communication are used to convey the value of the product and show a person their expertise. But there is a simpler and more profitable way.

Public speaking – the most current and easiest way to sell services

The public speaking tool is perhaps the most effective in selling premium services. Why?

  • You simultaneously get access to a large audience, without spending time on a personal meeting with everyone.
  • You do not need to prove your expertise, since you have already been declared as an expert speaker and people are coming to you.
  • There is nothing easier to collect the target audience than training seminars on your topic – in Russia, people love to learn and learn new things. 
  • Through knowledge and experience, you can easily convey to people the idea that it is better to entrust this business to professionals, that is, to you.

At the presentations, you can play on the uniqueness, warm up the hype, direct attention to the points you need. At a time, you can convey the value of your services at the same time to 30-50 potential clients. Most of the time, you will get sales this way.

Become A Leader in Your Niche

Imagine you are shopping a new smartphone. Now, you find two choices, one from smaller brand and another from big brand. Each of them offers the exact same features and price. Which one you are going to choose? Of course, the branded one! Even if the branded one has a higher price, most people still consider buying it. 

The same principle works in all industries. Therefore, to succeed in sales, you need a name.  Having established yourself as an expert and leader in a niche, you will gain the confidence of a potential client even before you communicate with him for the first time. Agree, this gives a huge advantage and seriously increases your chances of success in sales.

How to become a leader? Perhaps, I will not now describe in detail the answer to this question. Because that will be too long. However, here is the point:

  • Demonstrate your usefulness to the client in all possible ways (create valuable content, help the audience solve problems or achieve goals).
  • Build a powerful brand.
  • Collect social evidence (reviews, cases, publications in the media).

In this case, testimonials will help a lot. People always want to see how your previous client was doing with you. So, if you find any way to send them authentic reviews and testimonials of your service, do it!

What Now?

One of the main mistakes of many businessmen is to say goodbye to the client after the service. They begin the services with no or minimum communication with the client. Well, don’t do that!

You need to think in advance about what to offer the client as the next step.

Working with regular customers has two advantages:

  • You have already proved your professionalism (in other words, the customer is ready to buy from you);
  • You do not need to dive into the situation of your client and spend time;

Therefore, you must have several new services you upsell that will extend your relationship with a client! But remember the key rule: “Your services really should be useful to your consumer!”

So, do you have other ideas to boost sales in digital agency? Let us know in the comment below!