5 Graphic Design Skills Top Digital Agencies Want in a Designer

Top 5 Graphic Design Skills Digital Agencies Look For When Hiring Designers

Now more than ever, brands need unique art. And digital art is at its height.

There are currently 260,000 graphic designers and the industry is only expected to grow.

There are many talented graphic designers, but not all of them will benefit your digital agency.

When hiring graphic designers, your competitors are looking for specific skills. These skills encompass both design and artistry skills but also soft skills.

Only settle for the best graphic designers. Here are the top five graphic design skills to perfect.

Graphic Design Skills All Aspiring Designers Should Possess

From paper and print artistry skills to communication skills, there are a lot of factors that define a talented graphic designer. Here are the necessary skills to have.

1. Creativity

Creativity is at the core of any artist. This is what truly produces unique work. A talented graphic designer will ensure they use their creative brain toward their designs.

You should not only look for creative work but also creative thinking. This includes artistic skills not only through imagery but also through words, fonts, and even web copy.

2. Communication

Graphic designers are communicators. But they communicate differently than other creative thinkers. Artists use a combination of images and words to convey thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

This is why communication is an integral graphic design skill, on all levels.

3. Time Management

You likely have many projects your designer needs to complete. They will juggle multiple projects and there’s a good chance they will juggle them at the same time. To make deadlines, they need great time management skills.

This includes multitasking and finding ways to finish any project, no matter how long or short of a deadline they have.

4. Technological Knowledge

Graphic designers need the correct software to complete their assignments.

A graphic designer not only needs experience but also advanced knowledge of multiple design platforms.

This includes but is not limited to Adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and even some knowledge of coding languages and coding platforms.

5. Typography Skills

Graphic designers need to not only express creativity into the appearance of words. They need to design words that are well-written and legible.

Graphic designers need to have experience with different fonts. This can include typical fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial, in addition to some lesser-known fonts.

Graphic designers also need to have the skills to create unique fonts and logos, while meeting standards such as line height and tracking.

Are You Looking to Hire the Best Graphic Designers?

Does your marketing agency need a new graphic designer? If you’re having issues finding the right talent, you’re probably not considering these core graphic design skills.

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