10 Reasons to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

10 Reasons to Choose a Professional Digital Marketing Agency

Over the years, we’ve seen the importance of digital marketing grow for businesses. What started as a luxury quickly became a feature that all businesses could implement in some form, and now it’s seemingly a necessity.

With social media, and the internet in general, growing every single year, it’s becoming clear that these channels are important while building a brand. What does this mean? Well, you could hire a specialised digital marketing team, but this would be time-consuming, expensive, and a huge risk (especially for startups!). On the other hand, you could opt to outsource this task to experts; digital marketing agencies.

Digital Marketing Experts

When running a business, you feel as though you need four extra hands and five more hours in the day. Therefore, we trust in experts to deal with certain aspects of our business. For example, we allow accountants to handle the accounts and perhaps designers to create packaging or logos. For marketing, we can outsource to digital marketing agencies.

Since these professionals spend every hour of every day in the digital marketing niche, they see the latest trends developing. With your business, they’ll consider the competitive landscape, your audience, and the best way to promote your brand in the coming weeks, months, and years. Not only will they tailor a strategy to your needs, these experts will also analyse the performance of campaigns to highlight potential issues (and their solutions!).

Getting Started

Despite some myths regarding the process, getting started with a digital marketing agency couldn’t be easier (once you’ve found one, of course!). After discussing timeframes and specific goals, the agency will get started while keeping you informed with periodic meetings. Rather than delivering a one-size-fits-all approach, they will focus on the areas that are most important to YOU. This could be social media, SEO, email marketing, or something else entirely.

At Digital Agency Point, we believe that the ROI that comes with digital marketing agencies makes the whole process worthwhile. Why go it alone when you can tap into the knowledge and experience of people who devote their lives to the practice? You can share your objectives and take the first step on a path together that hopefully leads to your definition of success.

10 Reasons to Choose a Digital Agency

If you’re still doubting this extra expense for your business, this is fair enough (small businesses need to be careful with their money). However, allow us to give you ten reasons why digital agencies are worth their positive reputation!

1. Expert knowledge

For small business owners, hiring digital marketing experts at the beginning of the campaign is impossible. Therefore, you need to learn all the different techniques and strategies from SEO to social media advertising. Why learn what’s essentially a new trade/career when you have more important matters to deal with each day?

When you team up with a digital marketing agency, you expose yourself to people with years of experience and knowledge of digital marketing strategies. These days, the biggest companies in the world are paying large amounts for the very best digital agencies and it’s not hard to see why with the digital world playing such a huge role in business. Since these professionals will have worked on similar projects before your own, you don’t have to break the bank just to take advantage of their expertise. As long as you choose an agency with which you feel comfortable (we can help!), you know they’ll use best practices and you won’t have to worry about a thing. With the right service, you’ll have access to content writers, SEO experts, web designers, and social media professionals without the headaches (and expenses) that normally come with it.

2. Improve Audience Understanding

No matter what advertising you plan, there’s one thing you can’t do without; knowledge of your target market. In recent years, audience targeting has improved beyond belief. Previously, we would place an ad in a newspaper and hope that a certain percentage of readers would be interested. Today, the days of this wide-scale advertising are over. Instead, we can use platforms like Facebook Ads which has highly advanced audience targeting.

These days, specific groups can be created from large demographics; we can target a specific type of person, a person that will be interested in what we have to offer. As long as the created content is relevant to this audience, they find it easy to connect in a way that other advertising channels simply cannot match. As these connections are built, you can influence final decisions.

Of course, many of the traditional principles still apply;

  • Advertising without annoying/frustrating consumers
  • Changing ads frequently 
  • Not interrupting somebody’s experience time and time again

If we use PPC (pay per click) and AdWords as an example, this provides you with an opportunity to show in related search results. Even if your SEO wouldn’t organically bring you to the front page, you can pay for ads to appear in an attempt to boost exposure and get a few more clicks.

Using search advertising, you can target specific demographics whether you want to focus on their job, age, gender, or anything else. Considering around 65% of all internet traffic is search results, the exposure can be quite phenomenal.

With social media, we have an equally powerful opportunity. In April 2019, Facebook had nearly 2.4 billion active monthly users so there’s no doubting that most target markets can be found here. You can get started on a small budget and the campaigns can run with no end date.

3. Fits in All Budgets

There seems to be a misconception that hiring digital agencies is an expensive process, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all. In fact, for the money you would pay for one in-house employee, you get access to a whole team of experts. Suddenly, you’re speaking with a writer, designer, SEO professional, and more.

As independent contractors, you don’t need to worry about payroll taxes, benefits, or even endless amounts of paperwork. As for the required tools used by professionals, they normally come with either an affordable subscription or a one-time fee. With around four in every five agencies having the required tools already, you don’t have to worry about an extended budget.

Once you’re working with the digital agency, the strategy will be tailored to both your needs and your budget; you don’t need to spend money you don’t have.

4. Scalable Service

When you hire an in-house professional, you’ve made the decision to go all in; you’ll have this fixed cost on your payroll from this point forward. Alternatively, a digital agency allows you to start small. As the business grows, you can adjust the strategy and slowly increase your budget.

The best digital marketing agencies will always look to accommodate your needs as the business grows. Depending on the service in question, they will either offer each service individually or packages. As long as you choose an agency that provides this scalability, you will always be targeting the best market even as the market itself grows.

5. Focused Strategy

In recent times, we’ve seen far too many businesses doing digital marketing for the sake of it; they do it almost absentmindedly with no end goal in mind. While this might generate the odd result, it will never create the foundation you need for long-term success.

With a digital marketing agency, the first thing they will do is assess your business, competition, budget, and goals in order to create a strategy. With their creative and technical ideas, they know what works and what doesn’t so you’ll never journey down a dead end. Since you’ll be one of a handful of clients, they’re constantly aware of how to drive results and optimise a campaign.

6. Measurable Results

Is your campaign generating a return? This is a question many business owners struggle to answer, and it’s one that requires performance indicators. Once you identify important performance indicators, it’s easier to assess the success of a campaign and whether it’s contributing to your goals.

Although this might not be a surprise at this point, a digital agency will excel in this area. Across all channels, they will highlight important metrics so all campaigns can be measured for efficacy. Depending on how regularly you want updates, they can compile monthly or quarterly reports, and these will assist in the decision-making process.

After spending money, it’s incredibly rewarding to assess performance and see just how customers are reacting to your branding efforts.

7. New Perspectives

When you hire a specialist in-house, one of the negatives is that you’re limited to their own experiences. If they don’t have experience in a particular industry or with a certain social media platform, this will immediately limit their reach. Thankfully, digital agencies don’t have this same problem because they work with different industries on a daily basis. Every single day, they work with different professionals and hone their marketing skills.

Furthermore, you can be confident that the digital agency is only interested in hiring the best talent. After they go to the effort of hiring strategically, it’s then up to you to tap into the expertise and insights on offer.

We’ve used the word ‘strategy’ frequently, but there’s no universal plan that will lead to success. What works for one company won’t for another, and this is important to remember. Therefore, different perspectives are essential, and this can only come from those who have experience and have tried (and failed!) with techniques. We often see failure as a bad thing, but it can allow digital agencies to further learn the right and wrong strategies for each business type.

Based on customer reviews, they will also help to generate new ideas and bring a new lease of life to your marketing efforts.

8. Continued Relevance and Optimisation

Before anything can happen, one of the most important stages of the process is the research phase. As a business, you need to know four things when it comes to marketing;

  • The industry
  • The competition
  • The marketing practices
  • The audience

With a digital marketing agency, they will take this research phase very seriously because it provides the foundation for the strategy introduced later. Not only will they learn this information initially, they’ll follow new developments so they’re making informed decisions at all times. For example, understanding the changing interests and preferences of an audience can be the difference between falling behind and staying ahead of the competition.

Again, we come back to experience here because it should allow the service to evaluate competitors instantly. For those who can’t seem to keep up with the competition, it’s the perfect time to enlist professional help because they will provide insights to the competition that you otherwise couldn’t possibly gain. As you keep an eye on the competitors’ strategies, an agency will progress your own and aim to bring you closer each day.

You could track competitors on your own, but you need to be ready to dedicate LOTS of time. Fortunately, a digital agency will also track the traffic estimation of the client and competition.

9. Increased Personalisation

Did you know that email marketing is still a viable and relevant digital marketing tactic? Known as segmentation, it allows you to target members of your audience individually. According to some statistics, as many as 80% of consumers believe that businesses should communicate with customers through email. These days, consumers are looking for credibility and trust with companies and email allows this (especially when they’ve signed up themselves!).

If you send an email and they dislike the content, all they have to do is hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button. History tells us that this is unlikely as long as the content is relevant, however. When done right, digital marketing transforms a stranger into a lifelong customer. If you want to include buyer’s names in emails, there are some programs that will help with this. Yet, the best results come with a three-stage process.

  • Stage One: Segmentation – Firstly, subscriber data can be gathered through segmentation. After dividing your audience, you can learn more about traits and characteristics. From here, each and every segment can receive unique content that resonates with them. If the content isn’t relevant, don’t even send it because they’ll only grow frustrated and unsubscribe.
  • Stage Two: Automation – You could easily sink five hours per day into sending the right content at the right time, so look for help in the shape of automation. As you collect data, you’ll learn more about optimal times not only in the timing of your emails (morning, afternoon, or night), but in the ordering of emails too.
  • Stage Three: Personalisation – Thirdly, if you’ve ever received an email with your name at the top, you’ll know exactly how it feels. As a consumer, you feel as though you’re a valued customer and as if the business is really making an effort. History shows that conversion rates can increase by as much as 50% with automated, personalised emails; recipients are more likely to take note and click through.

Though simple in theory, putting these three steps into practice can be difficult. With some experience, you might be able to get started with advanced tools, but it takes time and lots of effort. While you concentrate on more important matters, a digital marketing agency can do it all on your behalf. In fact, they’ve already got these systems up and running so your own business should fit in seamlessly for a quick transition.

10. Meeting Deadlines and Business Growth

Finally, we know how much even one setback can cost a business. Our final reason to choose a digital marketing agency is because they always have multiple strategies and ideas running simultaneously; if one fails, it doesn’t really matter because there are several others either already moving or ready to go. As well as saving money, it means objectives are reached on time. Remember, digital agencies focus on planning and development just as much as implementation.

As we’ve already discovered, your business needs will change as you grow within the market. Small businesses can’t immediately operate like a multi-national corporation, but they can have the systems in place to be ready for success. For many failed business owners, they’ll tell you that one of the most difficult tasks to master is the transition periods during times of change. With endless amounts of experience, digital marketing agencies will be perfect for these times. After using other businesses as ‘guinea pigs’, they’ll know the right techniques to apply in any given situation. Meanwhile, your own resources can concentrate on customer satisfaction, employee motivation, operational efficiencies, and other important areas.


With this, you should now see the value of digital marketing agencies. However, don’t rush into a decision and hire the first company you find online. Choosing the right agency for your business is a decision that deserves attention.

Our brilliant service will help you take those difficult first steps, so you aren’t left regretting your decision soon after. You’ll be set up with a reliable, long-term partner that stays with you as you grow and become the company you first imagined when starting up!