10 essential Tools that no Agency can live without

10 essential tools that no agency can live without

For all those who want to start in the process of creating a digital marketing plan for your agency, we bring you a list of the 10 tools to make your digital marketing something simple. Ready? Let’s roll!

1. Feedly

Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you to organize and quickly access from a web browser or from your app all the news and updates of blogs and other pages that the system supports.

It allows you to sort all the contents in a way that saves you time by not having to check all the news sources one by one. You simply have to register and use the search engine to find the topics that interest you. You will see a list of related topics and another with the sites that deal with the topic you are looking for.

You just have to snoop around a little, click on the ones you find interesting and follow those you’d like to receive news or posts from. Another option to do this is Flipboard. The difference is that Flipboard allows you to create your own magazines by collecting articles that you consider interesting to keep for you or for other users who can comment, like, etc.

2. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a web and mobile app to manage social networks for both people and organizations.

It can help you get engagement with your target audience. It also helps you schedule content in different social platform. It will be as simple as registering in the app and synchronizing your accounts in different social networks to publish and manage each one of them.

This application is well known and allows integration with various social networks. Its operation is very simple. Simply configure the time slots and the frequency with which you want to publish and Hootsuite is responsible for distributing that content automatically at the best time.

3. Canva

Canva is a tool to design and create web content of all kinds. We can create posters, posters, infographics, business cards, Facebook covers, etc. in a very simple way.

It is easy to use, and there is nothing to install in your computer.

You will have to register in ” Canva ” and you can start creating online designs. Canva design options are: Document (A4), Presentation, Blog featured image, Facebook Cover, Social Media, Card, Photo Collage, Poster, Invitation and Business Card. Depending on the option you choose, the tool offers different DFY designs with the appropriate measures and the tools to change background, colors, text and images.

For example, if we want to make a Facebook Cover, we will choose this option and select one of the templates that are offered. Then, we modify it to our liking using the tools on the left. You can change the text, background and upload of images from our computer.

Once finished, we can publish it directly on Facebook or share it through the URL. Although we can also download it as PDF, JPG, or PNG.

Another similar option is PicMonkey.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole tracks all information on any subject on Twitter. Generates a report of tweets on that topic, influential users, the most popular links on that subject, a map to know where the information is coming from, etc.

We can get this information with the simple and simple action of registering and typing the hashtag, keyword or URL of which we want the report.

5. PowToon

Powtoon is a spectacular tool to create animated presentations with objects, text, image and sound predetermined or uploaded by the user.

Powtoon offers the possibility of:

  • Import your own music
  • Import your presentation to YouTube and Facebook
  • It has a great variety of effects
  • Make your presentations totally free and without time limit
  • Use a wide variety of canvases and characters that adapt to the different themes you want to try.

6. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is based on the technology that Google uses to suggest searches. It is one of the most used tools for keyword research and is free. To use it this time, you do not need registration, simply enter a general query, select the country where you want to focus the search and select the format in which you want the results.

Once you typed the query, the tool will offer a series of related words that we can keep in our interest to export them to a new document.

7. Google Analytics

This tool is free and allows you to monitor all the traffic of your website. You will be able to know important information about your users that allows you to change your efforts, guiding them to correct operation.

Google Analytics provides data such as: number of visitors, number of page views, the operating system or browser from which they visit your website, time spent on the web, bounce rate, geographic data, number of conversions.

8. IconoSquare

In relation to the above, it was worth mentioning Iconosquare, since it is used to measure, analyze and manage your Instagram account.

In my opinion, it would be something like mixing Google Analytics and Hootsuite to manage your Instagram account (s). Although, of course, in a smaller version.

I think, it is a worthy tool because Instagram does not seem to have the much attention it really deserves for companies that carry out their social media marketing. Remember, millennials and teenagers are big users of Instagram and Snapchat. It means the platform has huge potential for young buyers.

9. MailChimp

When we are really interested in doing email marketing, we cannot forget tools like MailChimp , which is free, can be integrated into social networks (Facebook and Twitter), allows us to manage our clients’ database, monitor and evaluate the impact of the campaigns and control the design we do.

This tool allows you to generate and manage your emailing campaigns, send newsletters, product and service promotions and manage subscriptions.

Other examples with better facility are Aweber and Active Campaign.

10. Spy Tools

Finally, this one is my favorite. If you are serious with your agency growth, you should also take a look at how other businesses are doing. When you can figure out what they are doing, you can easily make the strategy to outrank them There are many spy tools on the market with different functionalities.

Here, I will let you know the best of them.

a. Klear

We start with Klear! This tool allows you to discover and analyze influencers. It tells you the influence it has, in what social networks it has influence, whether it has engagement or not, where its audience comes from (where it has more followers), how is its target audience. It also allows you to generate reports.

These data are sent to your email with the data of the influencer you are looking for.

b. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb allows you to analyze the website of the travel agency you are looking for. It is an orientation tool that serves to know the audience of the website, traffic sources, the destination traffic that this page has. In addition, to have it more at hand, has an extension for Google Chrome.

c. BuzzSumo

In my opinion, this tool is a perfect tool for content marketing. BuzzSumo tells you what are the most popular content and what is being talked about now. It’s great because you know that the content you’re going to offer to your audience will interest them! It will also make you aware of current issues out there.

In addition, to make a search more specific, BuzzSumo gives you a series of filters that helps you in the task. Buzzsumo is a tool (with Free Trial) that will allow you to find highly viral content, as well as influential people in your sector.

It works like a search engine, in it you can place a keyword and get results sorted by their amount of movement in social networks. The more times an article has been shared, the higher it will go.

Simply type in the topic that interests you and you will be shown a list of the pages where it is spoken of in order of popularity. At the same time, you will see on the right of each page the times that have been shared in each social network.

The tool also allows you to filter by social networks if you only want a specific information from one social media. Furthermore, obtain results in certain periods of time, filter by country, type of content, language, etc.

d. SemRush

It is a tool – SemRush – that many companies use to spy other website’s SEO strategy. It offers a very detailed analysis of both SEO and paid traffic. It also analyzes social media, offering you instant information.

e. Moz

Moz allows you to find out your DA (domain authority), that is, what is the authority of your domain on the Internet with all the pages that exist. The advantage of this online tool is that it gives you factors to improve that authority such as, for example, if there is duplicate content, external links that exist on our website (linkbuilding), etc.

You can include a maximum of three competitors and compare the data with respect to them. They give you the option of doing a free one-month trial. I sincerely recommend this tool, you can become very useful and get some effective ideas to optimize your page.

f. LikeAlyzer

This tool – LikeAlyzer – analyzes the performance of your Fanpage in percentage. It offers you information about:

  • Your homepage (profile picture, cover, user and CTA)
  • The “information” tab (contact information, location and your history)
  • Your activity (publications by day, length, events and videos)
  • Quick response, if you give the option for users to comment, etc.
  • Interaction of your Fanpage

It is a very visual and intuitive tool and also free!

g. AgoraPulseBarometer

As the title suggest, a barometer gives you an index or measure of a certain process. Then, Agorapulse Barometer measures the current performance of your FanPage compared to the average performance of all similar fanpages currently on Facebook. Your metrics appear in black, the average performance in orange. What metrics does it offer?

  • Fans reached
  • Engagement (the number I like, comments and times shared)
  • Negative feedback
  • CTR (clickthrough rate)

h. FanPage Karma

Fanpage Karma allows you to obtain detailed information about the name of the page, such as:

  • A brief description of the brand
  • Where things are being popular, what’s popular in USA, UK, and more.
  • Your Fanpage growth analytics
  • Indicators such as number of fans, advertising value, publications per day, total reach per day

More detailed analysis (the best // worst publications, best hours to publish, influencers that follow, etc).

i. TwitterAudit

How do you know if Twitter followers of your competitor are real or fake? With this tool, you can find out. Twitter Audit knows that data based on several factors of follower:

  • Number of tweets
  • Date of last tweet
  • Proportion of following and followers

You can eventually analyze whether the people who follow him are active or not.

j. Twitonomy

Twitonomy seems to me a super powerful tool since it gives you the data in the form of visual analytics which facilitates its spy tool. It gives you very detailed information and is quite intuitive. It offers you information about your mentions, tags, which are the most influential users, the most active users, who are your followers, following, and favorites, etc.

You have to stick for a while with this online tool to assimilate all the data. However, I personally find it very interesting.

In conclusion

Finally, these are the tools for you to keep an eye on your competitors so that your digital agency is not left behind. Now, the rest is to optimize all factors you are weak in. Now that you have a list of 10 tools to help you with digital marketing, the only thing left to do is to choose the ones you need to meet your goals.

Which tool do you find most useful? How many more could you advise? Let me know in the comment below!