Best Boutique PR Agency Singapore


Digital Agency Point has searched and found the best boutique PR agencies in Singapore. Check out our 3 best boutique public communications agencies near you!

1. Right Hook

Your brand needs to be strong and to be told many times in different ways. Right Hook will make sure you have that special something to show the world. Wow them with a big event or woo them with smart and savvy social media engagement. Frequent and effective touch points with your clients and the public means better brand recall.

2. KinetiqBuzz

We have massive experience in getting publicity for businesses, products and conferences. The media angles we develop are never mere guesswork. We take a rigorous approach to developing newsworthy stories around your brand.

3. ProsPR

We Serve Fast-Growing Businesses In Singapore And The Region. How are we different as a PR agency? In addition to serving large corporations, we also passionately partner with a business community that has traditionally been left out of the PR equation – fast growing start-ups and SMEs.